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Recurrent BV, UTI, Yeast Infection Consultation

Recurrent bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infections, and/or urinary tract infections is a common health concern for many women. This is often frustrating, costly, and may impact quality of life. If this is something you deal with and you find yourself in a pattern of infection, treat with antibiotics, repeat..there is another option to try.


During this one hour consultation, we will discuss your personal history and develop a plan to help reduce or even eliminate your recurrent infections. Book YOUR consultation appointment below! At your appointment time, please have handy any available details about your individual history - prior lab results, usual treatments, infection frequency, pattern, etc. Together we will create a treatment plan for YOU! Pricing includes the one hour consultation and two telephone follow ups.  

If you have any questions ahead of booking, please visit 'Contact Us' page to connect and get your questions answered! I SEE YOU!

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