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For all general inquiries call 585-228-7874
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Open Hours


If you need to be seen and no open hours are posted, please text me at 585-228-7874. I am usually able to accommodate YOU within the same day, any day of the week! I am here for YOU when you need me :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any advantages to a telemedicine (virtual) visit versus in-person? 

There are sooo many health conditions which can be diagnosed and treated virtually via video (see Services list). This allows a patient to have a health care visit in the comfort and privacy of their homes, avoiding traveling to an in-person urgent care and waiting in line for hours among many sick people! Not to mention saving money by avoiding travel during these times of very high gas prices! 

Why don't you accept health insurance for payment?

I accept all major credit cards, including HSA card payments conveniently online. The advantage to the patient is paying in this way avoids insurance dictating care. What we discuss and any treatment plan devised as the result of a visit is decided between the patient and myself, without that third party influence. Additionally, I follow up with each patient in a few days after each visit to check in how they are doing and to see if any adjustments need to be made to their treatment plan. This adds significant value to the visit! 

Why do you allow 30 minutes for each visit?

My decision in setting the time allotted for each visit to 30 minutes is to provide value to the patient and provide plenty of time to not feel rushed and have YOUR needs addressed. Often this type of visit is much quicker, and if you're in a hurry then we keep it quick; but I also allot the time so we may discuss other aspects of your health, if desired. I know visits to the PCP are often rushed and questions often remain unanswered. If that's the case, feel free to ask me! I am here to help and each visit is all about YOU!  

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